Wherever we go, whatever we do, you know that I’m happy just being with you…

There is something extra cruel about an animal being neglected or abused. But from cruelty, hope can emerge. When pets are rescued, rehabilitated, and allowed to find loving homes a sense of rightness emerges.
Lost and Found Dogs.
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Judy and Joan both have adopted rescue dogs. Their lives were changed forever in helping these beautiful animals find loving forever homes.

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. This is a very well made web site and shows that people do care about our 4 legged friends. They bring lots of joy and laughs. We also have 2 rescue dogs and they really fill our life with laughs and healing.
    Well done and keep the good work

  2. we fostered our ROXY out of Darcys’ Arc about 10 years ago and she is the bestest friend to have….it is amazing to see her…to know what she went thru, what we went thru together and where we are today…..she is absolutely amazing!!

  3. I bought a pink pug pattern blanket today at the Manitoba Pug Rescue Christmas party. I love it!!!! It is so pretty and warm. Very reasonable price and goes towards a great cause!!! Thank you.

  4. Hello ladies! My name is Melanie & I am helping out Jennifer from J. La’s Cat Cafe with her garage and bake sale. It is taking place on Sunday, May 28, noon to 6 pm. I would love to see the two of you again (I was a volunteer with PWRC a while ago and you attended the fundraiser at AREA Nightclub). Please let me know if you are available! Talk to you soon!! 🙂

  5. Hi Joan and Judy
    hope all is well.
    have sent a msg through messanger asking for a donation of small blanket suitable for adult basket theme .. life in the slow lane

    no response yet
    I used to be with Pawed Pals in Selkirk
    now have my own little team that coordinates spay neuter for ferals .

    we are called Fixing Feral.Felines

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